Summer Archery Camp

Summer Archery Camps

2024 Summer Archery Camps information will be available Spring 2024


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Meets at Bluffsview Elementary School

7111 Linworth Road, Worthington, Ohio 43235

Give it a "shot" and challenge your discipline, focus, and problem-solving skills! The week will include character-building life lessons during a fun-filled time as archers aim for bulls-eyes in archery and AIM HIGH IN LIFE!

****For students entering grades 4 and up****

  • For responsible mature learners (Due to the nature of archery we need to know of any special needs -see note below for special needs students)
  • International 3D Archery (3D archery is growing rapidly and involves shooting at near life-sized foam animal targets! Fun!)
  • USA Archery and/or NASP Certified Instruction (Background Checked Insured)
  • Quality Equipment Provided

Beginner Archery (Level 1)
Grade(s): Entering 4th grade and up

Description: Prerequisite for Archery Games. For those with little or no experience or even have shot some at a camp, with scouts, etc. A thorough experience and in-depth foundation to archery. Includes range safety, scoring, etiquette, technique, basic equipment maintenance, and more! Archers will enjoy International and 3D-style archery while playing skill-building games in a positive, safe, and fun environment including blacklight archery! Most who complete this class are ready for Archery Games.


Archery Games (Level 2 & 3)
Grade(s): Entering 4th grade and up

Description: Our most popular class! For those who’ve completed our beginner class.  Exceptions might be given to those who've had thorough & formal instruction within the last 3-6 months and experience shooting on a range with others, range safety and procedures, and have shot more than a few hours at a camp or in a family member’s backyard. A thorough in-school unit might qualify, especially if archer is older. Most shooting is from 10 meters. This popular session includes International 3D archery, friendly competitions, and a variety of fun skill-building games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Mountain Climbing, Balloons, Blackjack, King of the Hill, Yahtzee, Sabotage, Black Light more!


Bullseye Blitz (Level 2 & 3)

Description: Same requirements as Archery Games.  Fun daily competitions!  2 divisions: GOLD: (Level 3) for more advanced archers 10M & 15M and SILVER (Level 2) 7.5M &12M for newer archers. Variety of creative and unique fun-shoots such as Aim High original game Ringer Archery and Best 5 where archers shoot 6 arrows but score their best 5, and other games! Competitive archers especially love this, but we keep it fun for the casual archers. 


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SPECIAL NOTE - IMPORTANT! Due to the nature of archery, it is critical for the safety of all participants that all archers are independent, able to self-monitor, follow multiple-step instructions, and use good self-control. We would like for everyone to be able to participate so if your child MIGHT require more attention than the average student you can still register your child if you can provide assistance in the form of a parent or aide AND notify us at registration. If it is not possible for you to provide assistance, Aim High Archery can possibly provide an assistant for your child for an additional fee if given proper notification. Safety is our primary concern so we enforce a strict set of rules in a very controlled environment to ensure physical and emotional safety for everyone. For the enjoyment of your child and for the safety of others please contact us prior to registering if your child might have issues focusing. These rules meet safety standards set by NAA, NASP, and USA Archery. Aim High Archery reserves the right to remove any participants who contribute to the creation of a physically unsafe or emotionally unsafe environment.